Most jewelry stores' inventory consists of only standard jewelry selections from mass marketed, lower-end wholesale suppliers purchased at low prices. They literally make their profit from selling sub-par products at EXTREMELY over-inflated prices.  Typical "big box" jewelry stores sell this category of jewelry with a markup of well over 300% of what they purchased it from their supplier for. This means if you purchased an engagement ring for $5,000 from them, they probably paid less than $1,000!  For this reason, often when an individual tries to resell their jewelry, they are extremely disappointed when they are not able to receive the same amount they paid for the item.  It is also the same reason jewelry stores will often advertise that they give you the same amount you paid for an item you purchased from them if you want to "upgrade" in the future. In reality, they are getting you to purchase another item that has an even BIGGER over inflated price. They are getting you invest in items that will never increase in value because they are not high quality to begin with and are overpriced. Unfortunately, this is what gives the jewelry pricing structure a bad name!

This business practice simply infuriates us at C.W. Estate Jewelers because we pride ourselves on selling HIGH QUALITY at WHOLESALE pricing (not overinflated, big box store pricing).  Chris' motto has always been to "educate the consumer to realize true value".  If you know this is how the pricing structure works, you are started in the right direction.  The second piece of understanding jewelry is the quality of the item you are purchasing. Here are some items we suggest you pay attention to:

  • If purchasing a piece of gold jewelry, what is the weight and purity of the gold? Check out our section on GOLD to know the meaning.
  • If a piece of jewelry contains both metal and stones, each item has different value independently of each other. Make sure you are paying for the quality of BOTH items.
  • Look at the details of gems. Use the magnifier to see inclusions and compare the attributes of the stones.  With diamonds, make sure you know THE FOUR C's.

HOW ARE WE DIFFERENT? C.W. Estate Jewelers NEVER sells its jewelry at "big box" store inflated prices AND we only sell high quality jewelry.  If we happen upon an item that is not up to our selling standards, it doesn't go in our store!  We don't work with mass market inventory, so we don't operate our business like mass market jewelers.  We are the ONLY jewelry store that has high quality at wholesale pricing; you pay what we pay!  Yes, you get it at dealer cost! You get to buy jewelry as if you were "in the business"!

Another important detail about our business is that when we do work with a wholesale supplier,we only work with the best, Stuller, Inc. Stuller, Inc. is one of the largest jewelry manufacturing and distribution facilities in the United States, and an industry leader in the domestic and international wholesale jewelry sectors.  We are your local authorized dealer for Stuller wholesale jewelry.  What does this mean for you? We are able to provide a wholesale product that is high quality, but we don't inflate our prices like those "other stores"!  We pass on the wholesaler's price to you! Low overhead for us means a low price for you! You get a quality product at a fraction of the cost! And if you ever need to sell it, your investment is still there!

What Does Wholesale Pricing Mean?

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