We specialize in diamonds, gold, silver, fine jewelry, and watches, selling to the public at true wholesale prices. Also, we are often able to offer other quality merchandise at the same low prices. You are always welcome to come in and browse, and if you are looking for a particular item, let us know and we will acquire it for you.

Diamonds and custom jewelry are among our specialties. Bring in your own design or we can work with you and create the piece you desire at a price that will make you even happier.

we sell gold, diamonds, and fine jewelry.

C.W. Estate Jewelers

What Makes Us Different?

Our goal is to educate the consumer on the value of quality jewelry.  We offer WHOLESALE PRICING to all our customers! This means we don't have the large overhead and mark up of a typical big name jewelry store AND we have the network to provide quality affirmation on our entire collection of merchandise! Our prices and inventory are impossible to beat!

When is the last time you left a jewelry store with exactly what you wanted, paid less than you expected, and gained knowledge of exactly what you purchased?  This is our goal at CW Estate Jewelers.  We pride ourselves on not being just another jewelry store.  We build relationships with our customers and make sure they have a phenominal purchase.

Local. Honest. reputable.

​​​Quality Jewelry At Wholesale Pricing

Educate The Consumer On The Value of Quality Jewelry in St. Petersburg

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